Release info


Released: 2022-05-17

ChordPro functionality

  • Automatically use real sharps and flats in chord names. Fallback to the ChordProSymbols font if the font doesn’t have the appropriate symbols.
  • Add settings.truesf (default: false) to enable/disable this.
  • Allow settings.* to be used in %{} substitutions.
  • Add meta chords and numchords (list/number of chords used).
  • Add config pdf.spacing.diagramchords.
  • Allow meta values for directive selectors.
  • Re-enable agnostic chord lookup.
  • (Wx)(MacOS) Improve prefences dialog.
  • Several ABC fixes/improvements.
  • (PDF) Add support for background document.
  • Markdown export (EXPERIMENTAL). Thanks to Johannes Rumpf.
  • LaTeX export (EXPERIMENTAL). Thanks to Johannes Rumpf.


  • Fix issue #208.
  • (Wx) Fix sharps/flats mixup in PreferencesDialog.

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Released: 2022-02-08

ChordPro functionality

  • Conditional directives can be negated with a trailing !
  • (Wx)(MacOS) Improve prefences dialog.


  • Add File::HomeDir to dependencies.
  • Fix issue #204.


Released: 2022-02-02

ChordPro functionality

  • (Config) Theme colors foreground-medium and foreground-light.
  • Show cell bars in grid lines (Config: pdf.grids)
  • Suppress warnings for empty chords (i.e., [ ] spacers).
  • Add error message when font name is not a built-in.
  • Allow custom PDF meta data. Requires PDF::API2 2.042.
  • Allow meta split on separator.
  • Add settings.inline-annotations.
  • Add settings.chords-canonical to use canonical representation for chords.
  • Rework chords lookup to always use chordsinfo.
  • Use chord objects for show and display.
  • (GUI) Allow selection of custom library.
  • (PDF) Allow multi-line headings and footers.
  • (PDF) Configurable PDF library.
  • (PDF) Provide meta %{pages} for headings.
  • Allow (uppercase) letters for chord fingers.
  • (Wx) Overhaul preferences management.
  • Support center and scale for lilypond.
  • Add config settings.choruslabels for MSPro convenience.


  • Remove obsolete EMBEDDING.
  • Bump requirement Text::Layout to 0.024.
  • Fix issue #182.
  • Fix warning if and no chords.
  • Fix labels for grid with pdf.labels.comment.
  • Fix key_actual and key_from to reflect all keys.
  • Fix tilde expansion for font files.
  • (PDF) Suppress borders around ToC entries, just in case.
  • Fix sorttitles field name in CSV export.
  • Fix issue #194.
  • Fix issue #195.
  • Add workaround for incompatible pagel labels change in PDF::API 2.042.
  • Fix placement of finger dots.
  • Fix handling of NC chords.
  • Fix config loss problem with ‘{+pdf…}’.


Released: 2021-09-28

ChordPro functionality

  • Change config preset lookup algorithm and document it.
  • (docs) First ‘hints and tips’ contributed by xeruf.
  • (PDF) Suppress empty chorus recall tag.


  • Remove obsolete code from Makefile.PL and GNUmakefile.
  • Fix issue #175.


Released: 2021-09-24

ChordPro Syntax

  • (docs) Add transpose directive.

ChordPro functionality

  • (Songbook) Allow whitespace between curly and directive in a2crd detection
  • (GUI) Add –maximize command line option.
  • Allow song-specific configs to have includes.
  • Add –no-songconfig to ignore song specific configs.
  • Add –reference to defeat configs and other fun.


  • Prevent wrapping loop with long comment with chords.
  • Fix Can’t locate object method “reset_parsers” (Songbook).
  • Fix colour default with {xxxcolor}.
  • Prevent havoc when pdf.chorus.recall.type has illegal values.
  • (ChordPro/MSPro) Fix missing meta in substitutions.
  • Fix incomplete chord warning for {chord x}.
  • Fix issue #132.
  • Fix issue #163.
  • Fix issue #165.
  • Fix issue #178 (non-ascii filenames on Windows).


Released: 2021-08-31

ChordPro functionality

  • Add –strict option to enforce conformance to ChordPro standard. Enabled by default, may be disabled with –no-strict.
  • Add/update misc. files for desktop systems.


  • Incorporate Data::Properties instead of using the CPAN version, since this version is incompatible.


Released: 2021-08-23

ChordPro Syntax

  • Add Cheat Sheet with ChordPro syntax and availability.

ChordPro functionality

  • Document properties for the PDF can be supplied in the config file.


  • Fix issue #159.


Released: 2021-08-14

ChordPro functionality

  • Bump version to moving towards 6.0.
  • Setting config value pdf.pagealign-songs to a value greater than 1 will force the resultant PDF to have an even number of pages.
  • Add warning when chord diagram exceeds the diagram size.
  • Do not complain about unknown meta data.
  • Add numbercolor property for chordfingers chord.
  • Add baselabeloffset property for chords.
  • Config settings that have corresponding command line options are always overridden when the command line option is used.
  • Add preprocessing for directives.
  • Preprocessing ‘all’ may result in multiple lines.
  • Experimental ‘choruslike’ property for pdf.chorus.recall.
  • Add clo –noa2crd to suppress autoconversion.
  • Improve page labeling and aligning.
  • Config pdf.csv.songsonly controls whether matter pages are included in the CSV.
  • Add warning if no songs were found in the input.
  • Simplify
  • Add ChordPro history doc.


  • Fix crash when no chords.
  • Fix case insensitive matching of directive selectors.
  • Fix issue #145.
  • Allow {define} and {chord} to take multi-digit fret/finger positions.
  • Fix background drawing for finger positions.
  • Fix “Modification of a read-only value attempted” crash when instrument or user get nulled.
  • Fix %{pageno} vs. %{page} confusion.
  • Do not tamper with ABC content. E.g., adding K: has side-effects.
  • Fix issue #148.
  • Fix issue #149.
  • Fix issue #158.


Released: 2021-07-09

ChordPro syntax

  • {define …} can take key definitions for keyboards.
  • All directives can be selected out by appending -XXX, where XXX is the type of instrument or a user name.

ChordPro functionality

  • (musejazz) Change font to MuseJazzText.otf as downloadable from GitHub.
  • Improve error messages for font files not found.
  • Default CHORDPRO_LIB to ~/.config/chordpro, if present.
  • Experimental: Allow delegates to specify image type.
  • Allow variable expansion on all input lines.
  • Experimental support for preprocessing.
  • Experimental support for song-specific configs.
  • Support for keyboard diagrams.
  • Experimental support for metadata in filelist.
  • Add –print-delta-config option.
  • Suppress outline title if there is only one outline.
  • Allow meta data definitions in config.
  • Remove support for legacy configs.
  • Suppress a directive if its argument is empty as result from %{} expansion.
  • Add directive suppression with instrument/user selectors.


  • Fix crash when abc section is the very first thing in a song.
  • Fix decapo setting from config file (issue #140).


Released: 2021-03-05

ChordPro functionality

  • Allow array element addressing in –define.
  • Retain line numbers for backend diagnostics.
  • Experimental support for ABC.
  • Experimental support for MacOS.
  • New icons.
  • Windows: Installer associates ChordPro with .cho files.
  • Linux: Support for desktop and app icons.
  • Linux: Support building an AppImage.
  • Restore section label as comment (config: pdf.labels.comment).
  • Add experimental MMA backend.
  • Add metadata “today”.


  • Fix chords transpose in comments with output ChordPro.
  • Fix detection of grid params in start_of_grid.
  • Fix problem with path name in start menu after windows install.


Released: 2020-08-26

ChordPro functionality

  • Add CSV columns for sorttitle artist composer collection key year.


  • Raise requirement for Text::Layout to 0.019.
  • Use only ‘name’ for chords in the built-in config. ‘description’ cannot be overridden by the user with ‘name’.
  • Fix page numbers in CSV.
  • Several fixes for font descriptions and sizes.


Released: 2020-08-16


  • Fix markup defragmentation (#111)
  • Fix page numbers in CSV.
  • Fix problem that –no-toc was not honoured.
  • Fix a2crd crash (#115)


Released: 2020-08-13

ChordPro syntax

  • Support Pango Markup language.
  • Add basic support for annotations.
  • Add directives start/end_of_verse/bridge and short forms.

ChordPro functionality

  • Add PDF outlines (bookmarks).
  • Revamp table of contens (finally).
  • Remove section handling (we now have labels).
  • Allow ~ expansion in file names.
  • Allow relaxed parsing of chords (root name + arbitrary).
  • Allow parsing of notes (chords with only a lc root name).
  • (Wx) Show filename in window title.
  • (Wx) Show asterisk if file is modified.

ChordPro configuration

  • Add split marker to be inserted between text phrases when the chord is wider than the phrase.
  • Add settings.suppress-empty-lyrics to suppress blank lyrics lines.
  • Add display property to chords to control the way they are displayed.
  • Add guitar-br.json with Brandt-Roemer compliant chord symbols.
  • Add meta variable songindex.
  • Add metadata sorttitle.
  • Add config settings for HTML backend.
  • Add font properties in fontconfig settings.
  • Add settings for chordnames and notenames.


  • Fix interpretation of directives and markup in tab sections.
  • Fix bug where some command line arguments did not properly support utf8.
  • Fix handling of {chorus: label}.
  • Fix problem where using a {chord} directive before any song lines would crash.
  • Fix problem where the tag of a grid was ignored.
  • Do not indent chorus labels when chorus indenting (issue #81).


  • Use Text::Layout to support Pango Markup language.
  • Use File::LoadLines.
  • Upgrade requirement for PDF::API2 to 2.035, Font::TTF to 1.05, Text::Layout to 0.014.
  • Packaged version no longer loads default config from chordpro.json. It is now really built-in.
  • Change CHANGES to Changes.


Released: 2019-10-05

  • Restructure chord definitions. Default is now an orthogonal set of basic chords. Additional legacy weirdo’s are available in “guitar-legacy.json”.
  • Allow chord definitions with multiple names. See the docs.
  • Add chord types add2 and add4.
  • Fix erroneous transposing of transcoded chords.
  • Fix erroneous recall of chorus from previous song.
  • Fix missing fret positions in {chord}.


Released: 2019-03-13

  • Integrate a2crd into chordpro. Use “chordpro –a2crd” to invoke.
  • Add –decapo option to eliminate {capo} settings by transposing.
  • Implement image assets. Requires IO::String and Image::Info.
  • Implement a basic form of line wrapping (regular chords+lyrics).
  • Implement a basic form of line wrapping (comments and non-chords lyrics).
  • Implement user library (env. var. CHORDPRO_LIB). Experimental.
  • Allow a2crd as a filter.
  • Use label instead of section name, if provided.
  • Make instrument and tuning accessible as meta data.
  • Fix undefined if no output file was supplied.
  • Fix section change detection.
  • Fix crash when chordless songline and not suppress-empty-chords.
  • Fix misplacement of diagrams when columns and too many {chord} directives.
  • Fix printing of auto-added chords.
  • Fix issue #63: Labels are lost when a new song is encountered.
  • Fix crash when –dump-chords and no meta.
  • (PDF) Fix label width.


Released: 2018-11-06

  • Add a2crd script.
  • Minimize all configs to only override what is necessary.
  • Split german notes into scandinavian (…, A, Bb/A#, H, C) and german (…, A, Ais/B, H, C).
  • Use String::Interpolate::Named.
  • (Experimental) Allow %{..} interpolations on the output file name, e.g. –output="%{artist|%{} - }%{title}.pdf". Command line only.
  • Fix memorize problem with the first chord.
  • Upgrade WxChordPro to 0.972.


Released: 2018-10-24

  • Upgrade WxChordPro to 0.970 to fix problem with custom config.


Released: 2018-10-23

  • Instrument defintions are now in separate config files. There are no ‘built-in’ tunings and chords, just defaults. Available instrument configs are guitar, guitar-ly, mandolin-ly, and ukulele-ly. Default is guitar.
  • Chords parsing has been completely overhauled.
  • Config file handling has been completely overhauled.
  • Alternative note naming systems, e.g. Latin (Do Re Mi …) and Solfege are now supported.
  • Experimental: Chords can be transcoded between note naming systems.
  • Chords can be shown under the lyrics, controlled by config item settings.chords-under.
  • Nashville and Roman chord systems need to be explicitly enabled.
  • Allow meta substitutions in title and subtitle.
  • Fix {transpose}, –transpose and {key} interaction.
  • Experimental: Chords can be recalled from previous sections using [^] or plain ^. Requires config setting settings.memorize.
  • Upgrade WxChordPro to 0.960_059.
  • Add config settings for ChordPro backend.
  • Add slash as grid symbol.
  • Allow labels for grids.
  • Show durations as hh:mm.
  • Fix grey background of comment_italic.
  • Add font “label” for section labels. Defaults to text font.
  • Fix section labels when the first line is not a song line.
  • {chorus} Do not print Chorus tag when quoting.
  • {chorus} Allow label.
  • Allow empty comment directives.
  • Do not print background for empty strings.


Released: 2018-07-11

  • (pp/linux/GNUmakefile) Verify we’re running the right perl.
  • Upgrade to App::Packager 1.43.
  • Fix transpose of Asus and Esus chords.
  • Fix issue #47 by Increasing base fret limit to 23.
  • Fix error handling with illegal chord definitions.
  • (wxChordPro) Fix file saving logic.
  • Experimental: Markup for song sections.
  • Experimental: All fonts can have background and frame.


Released: 2018-06-04

  • Add (derived) meta item _key to reflect the actual song key, taking capo setting into account.
  • Allow {comment} without background colour.
  • Make {comment_box} box the same colour as its text.
  • Warn if multiple {capo} settings.
  • Fix problem that chords in grids were not transposed.
  • Add value “auto” for pdf.labels.width to automatically reserve margin space when labels are used.
  • Fix problem that titles-directive-ignore was ignored.
  • (PDF) Fix problem that toc entries were not clickable.
  • Fix issue #41 - Error in transposition of a recalled chorus.
  • Fix issue #42 - Defining Chords Fails for Songbooks. Song chord definitions were lost in multi-song songbooks except for the last (or only) song.
  • Fix schema validation for configs.


Released: 2018-01-23

  • Allow \ { } and | to be escaped with \ in replacement strings.
  • Fix problem that in-song chords caused CANNOT HAPPEN error.
  • Add –filelist option to read song file names from files.
  • Fix inconsistent handling of –lyrics-only in backends.
  • Add html to list of recognized output types (even though experimental). Note that the HTML backend is not yet included.
  • Fix Chord/Chordii regression: Base frets in chord diagrams should be arabic numbers, not roman.
  • Pass unknown directives through to backends.
  • Fix labels handling for ChordPro output.
  • Fix problem that bass notes in chords were not transposed.


Under development

  • (pp/windows) Add PDF::API2::Bundle to make sure all PDF::API2 and TTF::Font modules are included.


Released: 2017-12-07

  • Fix transposition of chord diagrams.


Released: 2017-12-07

  • Add configurable sort methods for table of contents. Config option: toc.order, values “page” or “alpha”. Default is “page”. Config option: toc.title, default “Table of Contents”. Supersedes pdf.formats.default.toc-title.
  • Fix JSON problem with loading UTF8 config files.
  • Fix the need for a bogus file argument when dumping chords.
  • Experimental support for indenting and margin labels.
  • Obsolete pdf.diagramscolumn in favour of This can be top, bottom, right of the first page, and below, following the last song line.
  • Provide song source for unknown chords message.
  • Handle UTF-8 encoded filenames correctly.
  • Implement in-line printing of chords, config: settings.inline-chords. Add style ‘inline’.
  • Fix problem with font restore after {textfont} cs.
  • Fix problem that trailing empty lines were discarded.
  • Fix final line discard if input is not newline terminated.
  • Fix issue#31 (textsize directive with percentage raises error).
  • Fix problem where first empty line was inadvertently ignored.


Released: 2017-11-09

  • Add style ‘modern3’.


Released: 2017-11-09

  • Add printing of bars in chord diagrams.
  • Allow PDF config “fontdir” to take an array of paths. Also, allow the path elements to be a colon-(Windows: semicolon)-separated list of paths.
  • Add PDF config “diagramscolumn”. This will have the song chord diagrams printed on the first page, in a side column. Experimental.
  • Fix problem with misnumbered fingers in non-builtin chords.
  • Fix problem with restoring defaults for {textsize} and friends.


Released: 2017-10-17

  • Fix dependencies in Makefile.PL.
  • Do not mark config defined chords as being user defined.
  • Fix some problems with ‘{chord}’ chords.


Released: 2017-09-22

  • Add {transpose} directive.
  • Transpositions and metadata substitutions are now handled at parse time.
  • Update built-in documentation.
  • Upgrade WxChordPro to 0.89.
  • Fix problem with locating manual page.
  • Normalize CHANGES according to CPAN:Changes::Spec.


Released: 2017-09-11

  • Put the Table of Contents (if any) at the beginning.
  • Fix a bug that caused no TOC to be produced with multiple song input.
  • Add –csv command line option to request writing the CSV.
  • Add –cover command line option to prepend cover pages.
  • Improve JSON config validation.


Released: 2017-09-04

  • Fix problem where songlines without chords yielded empty lines in the ChordPro backend after transposition.
  • Allow “-” as filename for standard input.
  • Handle Byte Order Mark in input files.
  • (ChordPro) Do not use {meta} for known meta keys.
  • (Windows) Handle version number setting in iss file.


Released: 2017-08-18


Released: 2017-08-16

  • Fix problems with disappearing page titles.
  • Fix some packing issues.


Released: 2017-08-15

  • Rename config pdf.fonts.diagram_capo to pdf.fonts.diagram_base.
  • Fix some (well, several) layout issues with odd/even page printing.
  • Fix missing fingers in config defined chords.
  • Allow PDF::Builder to be used instead of PDF::API2.
  • Improve define/chord parsing and diagnostics.
  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.84.


Released: 2017-07-31

  • Emergency fix for PDF font problem.


Released: 2017-07-31

  • Supply default ‘1+4x4+1’ for first start_of_grid.
  • Supply default straight font for grid lines.
  • Allow empty lines in grids.
  • Improve WxChordPro integration.
  • Change old terminology “chordgrid” to “diagrams”.
  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.83.


Released: 2017-07-21

  • Add


Released: 2017-07-16

  • Fixed problem where wxChordPro couldn’t preview.
  • Restructured the files for packaging support.


Released: 2017-07-13

  • (PDF) Improve terminology in warning about unkown chords.
  • Prevent undefined warnings when a song has no chords.
  • (pp) Allow resource updating.
  • Prevent undefined warnings when the system provides no configs.
  • Add missing POD resources for packaged binaries.
  • Supply usage info and exit when run without action/file arguments.


Released: 2017-07-12

  • Mostly packing/packaging fixes.
  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.79.


Released: 2017-07-12

  • Mostly packaging fixes.
  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.78.


Released: 2017-06-26

  • Finalize design and implementation of chord grids.
  • Add support for chord fingerings, as suggested by Christian
  • Erickson (author of the Songsheet Generator).
  • Fix meaning of clo -G (was negated).
  • Add song examples.
  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.76.


Released: 2017-05-16

  • Allow text properties to stack/unstack.
  • Suppress empty text line if there’s only [Chords].
  • Enhance parameter substitution in titles/comments.
  • Allow {chord NAME} to designate known chords.
  • Some more fix problems with dot-less @INC in newer perls.
  • Add schema to verify (and edit) json config files.


Released: 2017-04-13

  • Experimental support for Nashville Numbering System and Roman
  • Numbered Chords.
  • (Config) Add more meta data: lyricist, arranger, copyright, year, duration.
  • (PDF) Improve grids drawing: add config for line thickness, add space for the crosses/circles.
  • (PDF) Allow PDF to be written to standard output. Output file will now be named after the input file if there’s only one.
  • Keep track of #-comments in ChordPro input and reproduce in
  • ChordPro output.
  • (PDF) Fonts are now looked up in a font path consisting of the fontdir config setting, the application’s fonts resource
  • directory, and the value of environment variable FONTDIR.
  • (Packager) Use App::Packager from CPAN.
  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.74.


Released: 2017-04-02

  • Fix problems with dot-less @INC in newer perls.


Released: 2017-04-04

  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.710.3.


Released: 2017-01-18

  • (WxChordPro) Update to 0.710.2.
  • Fix style_chordii sample config.


Released: 2017-01-17

  • Produce CSV with PDF and toc.
  • Implement {chord…} directive.


Released: 2016-11-10

  • (ChordPro) Fix require of Common.
  • (Config) Comment example chord definition.
  • (ChordPro) Add rechorus handling.
  • (ChordPro) Fix –toc/–notoc command line option.
  • (PDF) Fix background colour in indented chorus.
  • (PDF) Fix wrong headspace on continuation pages.


Released: 2016-09-29

  • Add parser tests.
  • Prevent nasty errors when transposing unknown chords.
  • (PDF) Fix comment decorations that were off due to substituting metadata.
  • (ChordPro) Add msp as output variant.


Released: 2016-08-23

  • Extend chorus recall. Chorus may be quoted, and/or referred with a tag text.
  • Handle {pagesize} in legacy config.
  • Minor adjustments to the default configuration to match the documentation.


Released: 2016-08-23

  • Overhaul of chord definitions and transpositions.
  • Chords may now be parenthesised.
  • {defined: name …} is now preferred.
  • “base-fret NN” may be omitted.
  • All strings may be omitted to define an unknown chord.


Released: 2016-08-22

  • Uploaded to GitHub.
  • Added support for {meta} directives.
  • Make the list of known metatada configurable.
  • Allow using metadata in titles and comments.
  • Remove meta-mapping (no longer needed).
  • Change the way unknown chords are dealt with, for
  • Chord/Chordii compatibility.
  • Add res/config/style_chordii.json with as much Chord/Chordii compatibility as can be reasonably achieved.


Released: 2016-07-15

  • Add –define to set config items from the command line.
  • Smooth some config trickeries.
  • Add meta-map config to treat metadata items differently.
  • Normalize directives parsing to be (more) Chord/Chordii compatible.
  • Handle defining chords with flexible number of strings.


Released: 2016-07-10

  • Add support for Chord/Chordii legacy config.
  • Add –no-legacy-config to suppress legacy config.
  • Add –no-default-configs (-X) to suppress all default configs.
  • Do not make “no easy chords” default.
  • More pp stuff.


Released: 2016-07-06

  • Add support for {grid} and friends.
  • More pp stuff.


Released: 2016-07-03

  • Improve support for PAR packaging.
  • Add Undo/Redo (MSW only?).
  • Better viewer launching.
  • Use separate PODs for –manual and –help-config.
  • Add wxchordpro to the kit.


Released: 2016-06-28

  • Improve packaging.
  • Add support for PAR packaging.


Released: 2016-06-23

  • Bring chorus layout attributes under a single topic.
  • Add chordgrid and chordgrid_capo chords.


Released: 2016-06-23

  • We have a Ukulele.
  • And a GUI.


Released: 2016-06-20

  • Handle –chord-grid-size.
  • Add chord definitions in configuration.
  • Add chords sorting.
  • Add user defined chords and tunings.
  • Handle –no-easy-chord-grids and –chord-grids-sorted.


Released: 2016-06-19

  • Move transpose code to Chords module.
  • Default grid font to comment, not font.
  • Register user defined fonts.
  • First shot at printing chord grids.
  • Second shot at printing chord grids.
  • Support -D, but use backend to generate the grids.


Released: 2016-06-13

  • Handle {titles} directive.
  • Add support for head-first-only. Titles are now top-printed.
  • Move low-level primitives to PRWriter module.
  • Add font and spacing for ‘empty’ lines.


Released: 2016-06-10

  • Detailed page headers/footers control.
  • Require perl version v5.10.


Released: 2016-06-08

  • Fix bug #115156: Will not build on Mac OSX.
  • Fix bug #115159: IO::File is not loaded automatically in older perls ( < 5.12.6 ).


Released: 2016-06-08

  • Improve Makefile.PL to get indexing right.


Released: 2016-06-07

  • Add built-in chords and the –dump-chords-text facility.
  • (PDF) Turn missing images into a comment.


Released: 2016-06-07

  • Fix POD problem in


Released: 2016-06-07

  • Improve Makefile.PL to get indexing right.


Released: 2016-06-06

  • Improve Makefile.PL.


Released: 2016-06-06

  • Move configuration pod to Config.pod. Will it be indexed?
  • Add –print-default-config and –print-final-config options.
  • Fix problems with songline colours.
  • Fix headings.
  • Add head-first-only setting.
  • Fix page footers.


Released: 2016-06-06

  • Minor documentation changes.


Released: 2016-06-05

  • Some fixes for tests on Windows.


Released: 2016-06-05

  • Move runnable code from chordpro script to module. The script is now a simple wrapper.
  • Add documentation.


Released: 2016-06-05

  • Eliminate Clone as a dependency.
  • Eliminate IO::String as an explicit dependency. It’s implied by Font::TTF.


Released: 2016-06-04

  • Better Makefile.PL (no_index of namespace).


Released: 2016-06-04

  • Better Makefile.PL.


Released: 2016-06-04

  • First alpha version released.