ROADMAP for ChordPro

This roadmap contains changes and enhancements that are likely to take place in the future.

Feel free to feedback on the community forum.

Planned for ChrdPro 6.x

Placement of images

A way to place images on a specific place on the page. Any other text will appear on top of the image.

Status: Experimental.

A way to place images relative to a part of the song. To be used for annotations.

Status: Development.

Rootless chords

Support rootless chords, e.g. /B.

Status: Completed.


Automatically adding unknown chords as empty diagrams was flawed and not used according to a survey on the community forum.

Status: Removed from config settings and documentation.

Todo: Code cleanup.

Planned for ChordPro 7

Alternative syntax for directives

An alternative syntax with keyword parameters and decent quoting.

Multiple directives per line.


Provide an identification for song sections that can be used to recall the section at arbitrary places.

Useful to change parts order for different voices or instruments.


HTML support

HTML support is currently limited. With the power of modern CSS HTML output should be as perfect as the PDF.

Not yet planned


A new wrapper program that provides real MacOS GUI.

Requires a MacOS developer.


Currently ChordPro operates on files. This should be extended (at least in the GUI) to work with libraries.

Per-section config

Designate style or properties for selected sections.

Issue #174.

Strumming patterns

Issue #85.