Running from Git

If you want to keep track of the latest developments you can run Chordpro directly from the Git repository.

It is easiest to first install the release version of ChordPro using one of the techniques mentioned on the Installing ChordPro page. This will make sure most of the required dependencies are installed.

Unless git is already installed, install it from the package repository.

Then, on the command line:

git clone

This will create a new directory chordpro.

cd chordpro
git checkout dev
perl Makefile.PL

This will inform you about missing dependencies. If so, install the missing dependencies the usual way (package repository, cpan tool…).

To verify the installation, run

make all test
perl script/chordpro --version

This should say something similar to

This is ChordPro version 0.977_036

The development version is not always equipped for global installation, so to run it always include the path to the chordpro program, e.g.:

perl script/chordpro 

This is in particular important if you also have a stable version installed to avoid accidentally running the wrong version of the program.